Everyone benefits.

Digital solutions for every aspect of your practice. Everyone wins with Iryo Moshi. Even the trees.

For Doctors

Patient info at a glance

All clinical and administrative information about the patient in one place. Add notes, comments, upload media files and external documents.

For your Patients

Smart reminders and online booking

Send automatic SMS and email reminders to your patients or request their RSVP. Reduce no-shows while making your patients feel respected, informed and well taken care of. Offer online booking for standard procedures and get appointments delivered straight into your calendar.

Iryo Moshi Tree
For your waiting room

Going paperless

Replace all paper based documents with digital ones and store the information directly into the patient profile. Easier, quicker and more secure.

Iryo Moshi Moshi
For Administrators

Invoicing, tailored to healthcare

Turn an estimate into an invoice with just a click or link a patient's advance with an invoice and instantly calculate the remaining sum to be paid. Stay on top of your overdue invoices and better understand your revenue.

For your Data

Future-proof your data

Start using openEHR, an architectural concept including a lifelong, patient‑centric shared health record for future‑proof data and clinical process support.

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